Diet Plan #1 – My Fitness Pal

Hey everyone,

For my first month of dieting, I will be using a nifty site called My Fitness Pal. I have been seeing this weight loss site pick up in popularity recently, and have tried it myself before. The basic method behind it is counting calories. You enter your stats in the the program, select how fast you want to lose weight (faster is not always better, for the record), and the program spits out the number of calories you should be eating daily. You can make friends with other people on the site, participate in forums, and join groups with certain weight loss goals to help you along. Here is a shot of the food tracker:

Fullscreen capture 422013 30820 PM

You can also track exercise, and the program will calculate (roughly) how many calories you burned. You can then eat back these calories (hooray!) and supposedly still lose weight . My daily goal is a net of 1,520 calories, which should allow me to lose a very reasonable 1 lb per week. Anything more than that can result in the body going into “starvation mode” and eating your muscles along with your fat. More on that later!

Here we go!


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